Tomorrow night (January 7th) at the Joshua Liner Gallery, a joint exhibition from Sam Friedman & Josh Sperling will open its doors to the public. Friedman will be be presenting his abstractions inspired by the natural world, continuing his series of grayscale works which we quite like, along with introducing some more hued paintings. In contrast to this, Sperling will be contributing some canvas pieces that are almost like sculptures with his layered plywood technique as well as a wall installation.

The title of the show, From the Cradle to the Grave, references that history they have together. Sperling shares – “Sam and I have known each other for thirty years and have been making art alongside each other our entire lives. It feels natural to want to show your work with your friend… I have always looked at Sam’s work and found inspiration.”

The gallery states – “Both Friedman and Sperling’s work explore the various impacts of visual perception and movement. Bold complementary color combinations, high contrast, and structure are central components. Sperling’s structured canvases explore the varying effect of light and shadow on surfaces. Building layered plywood constructions, the artist pushes the limit of the canvas to form subtle reliefs, echoing Stella and Kelly’s shaped canvases from the 1960s.”

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