After a six month break, HHH gallery in Tokyo will be opening its doors again on the 21st of March. Coinciding with the start of the local sakura season, their first show in 2016 will be Unknown Scorcher, an exhibition from Meguru Yamaguchi (featured).

This will be the first solo for the NY-based Japanese artist in which he will be presenting a new set of works – Out Of Bound. After breaking through the borders of a canvas and classic painting formats with previous works, the new series takes this concept even further. Showing in a country with a strong calligraphy tradition, Yamaguchi is completely discarding the background and the surface, and focusing on the brush stroke alone. By using acrylic, spray paint and epoxy resin on plywood, he lets the brush stroke create the format and shape of his work. His unique technique involves laying paint on plastic sheet, than using dried slabs to create collages. On top of being able to create an abstract and a chaotic effect with vibrant colors, his works have a robust, sculptural feel to them. With this approach, Yamaguchi gives this most basic element of classic painting a whole new bigger role. The show will be on view until April the 17th.