Blu recently spent several day in Naples, working on a new mural for the local Je So Pazzo organization that is revitalizing a former abandoned mental hospital. As per usual with the Italian artist, the mural was unannounced and done quietly with the result once again breathtaking.

Done without any cherry pickers or scaffolds, with only ropes to hang on the wall, one street art’s most respected names created a Green Giant. Utilizing the building as a 3D canvas, the Italian artist painted a large character using only green, black and white. Placed on the facade of Ex OPG, an abandoned mental hospital and prison, the mural features a haunting image of a prisoner ripping off his uniform in distress. With empty eyes and mouth open in a scream, the creature is grasping multiple walls of the building, symbolizing the change of the building’s purpose, from a place of imprisonment to a space for socializing, creativity and freedom. With this creation, Blu once again showed his support for independent organizations focused on fighting oppression and authority and working towards tolerance in society with no discrimination or corruption corporate power.

Photo credit:, @mmariacaro, @marcocolacurci, @ziguline, and @rod909.
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