You may recall that at the end of last year, we shared with you a new series of works from Patrick Martinez that are a riff on the Pee Chee Folders of the ’70s and ’80s. These paintings bring back feelings of nostalgia when we think back to our adolescence, but when examined more closely, we see that the Los Angeles-based artist has replaced the high school-age students engaged in sports or other activities with images of police brutality and portraits of victims we have all seen in the news.

Martinez has recently made these pieces into prints that he calls Po-lice Misconduct Misprint Folders which he has been giving away. In fact he recently shared – “I will be posted on MLK Blvd and Western Ave. in Los Angeles this Sunday around 1pm giving out over 250 folders for free at the @berniesanders march. Along with the folders I will also be giving out this original bic pen drawing with whiteout on one of the folders to a random person.”

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