Tomorrow night (April 23) at the Vincent Price Art Museum in Los Angeles, Silent Wonderment: Exploring the World of Giant Robot will open their doors to the public from 7-10 pm. Drawing from the company’s rich history of as one of first to introduce America to Asian popular culture, the exhibition will include works from a select group of artists, a figure display, and a “Zine Habitat” created in collaboration with the Tiny Splendor zine collective. As you can see above, one of the chosen artists is Yoskay Yamamoto (interviewed) who is working on a large scale installation for the show.

Other participants include: Albert Reyes, Ako Castuera + Rob Sato, Matt Furie, Andrew Hem, Deth P Sun, Edwin Ushiro, Hellen Jo, Jen Tong, Katsuya Terada, KMNDZ, kozyndan, Luke Chueh, Mari Inukai, Mark Todd, Mike Lee, Nathan Ota, Nikki McClure, Sean Chao, Seonna Hong, Shawn Cheng, Souther Salazar, Theo Ellsworth, Yosuke UenoFigures by: Aaron Brown, Comet Debris, Dril One, Gary Ham, Jeremiah Ketner, Jerome Lu, Leecifer, Le Merde, Mark Nagata, Sarah Neyhart and more.

Photo credit: Brandon Shigeta.