For a recent mural in Manhattan, D*Face (interviewed) decided to go with one of his iconic Lichtenstein-inspired women holding two of his signature D-dogs. Sponsored by The L.I.S.A Project, the piece span several stories high in Soho while leaving some existing graffiti that the British artist remember from 20 year’s past. D further elaborates on what he left intact on the wall – “I kept the small ‘throw up’ of the clown(?) in the bottom left corner of the wall, I first saw this on a trip to NYC as a student over 20 years ago, it became a sort of landmark for me and I’d check on it pretty much every time I rolled through Manhattan, so when I got offered this wall it felt incredibly relevant and apt to keep it.”

Photo credit: The LISA Project, Rebels Alliancel_fougerebushwickblues, suzanne_duckworthhalopigg.
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