Moving closer to its big brother, the Scope Art Show is celebrating its 10th Anniversary in Basel at a new location three blocks away from the main fair (covered – part 1, part 2). The new space at Clarahuus includes three floors divided between 85 international exhibitors and 10 breeder program galleries.

The international feel of this year’s edition is confirmed with exhibitors hailing from four continents and over twenty countries including China, Mexico, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Italy, Iran, Russia, Turkey, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, UK, Spain, and Canada. Offering the best of their local and rising talents, as well as some rarities from their collections, Scope puts special attention to their Breeder Program which introduces new galleries to the contemporary market. Some of our picks include Faig Ahmed’s handmade wooven carpets (seen above), Lucy Sparrow’s felt works, Jeremy Fish’s signature mashup illustration based works as well as great examples by such big names as Banksy, Hirst, Condo, Weiwei, etc.

Photo credit by @sashabogojev.
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