10 A.M. ART gallery is currently showing the first Italian show (June 4 – July 2) by 1010 as part of a wider cultural project. Along with displaying his new body of abstract works titled Serendipity, the project also includes a large mural painted on the gallery building at 31 Via Barrili, Milan.

The Germany-based street artist has gathered recognition with his effective use of perspective and creating artificial holes or portals. Primarily working in large scale, his murals can be found anywhere from Hawaii, Miami and all around Europe. With this show, he is further pushing his concepts creating illusory chasms by alternating light and shade while carefully juxtaposing colors. The show includes a selection of works from some of the artist’s most significant series – Portal, Limbus, Void, Fluss and Abyss, specifically conceived and created for this solo show.

Photo credit: Andrea Concina.
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