On June 10th, Copenhagen’s V1 Gallery will be revealing an all new body of work by Geoff McFetridge. After recently winning the 2016 National Design Awards in the category of Communication Design, the LA-based artist will be opening his third solo show with the gallery entitled The Quiet Of Not Listening.

The new work created for this show is about the belief in images and ideas that result in images. In his process of searching for images to paint, McFetridge seeks something deep, but more importantly, familiar. This results in a very mundane set of characters seen from different perspectives, or everyday objects such as folding chairs. Painted from memory in a very flat style, using limited color palette, and and with basic perspective, dimension or depth effects, the new pieces continue his series of works that are easy to enjoy but hard to describe. The show consists of nine paintings on canvas and five drawings on paper, all large in size which emphasizes this effect.

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