On June 9th, Dorothy Circus Gallery will be opening a solo show by HyuroConvivencia will be her first Italian show which will be followed by a new outdoor mural for the city of Rome as the fifth phase of the gallery’s Spray For Your Rights project.

With both the mural and the new drawings as well as watercolors on paper produced for the show, the Argentinean artist will interpret the theme of coexistence. With this in mind, the new pieces have a somewhat different composition, often referring to the concept of shared spaces. These dreamlike images blend socio-political messages and a unique surrealist sensibility, fully open to the viewer’s interpretation. Through her work, Hyuro is removing all the prejudices and stereotypes that are usually associated with males and females in today’s society. By painting common, everyday people, without any recognizable features, her work speaks a universal language that can be globally understood and related to.

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