On June 25th, Thinkspace Gallery opened New Works, a double solo by artists Jeremy Fish and Jim Houser. Both artist built their careers through their love for drawing, music and skate culture, creating influential and distinctive works and graphics along the way. This show introduces their latest bodies of work. Featuring their signature styles and recognizable concepts, the fresh pieces are the results of years of drawing and keeping up with the subcultures they grew up with. For this particular exhibition, they created coherent installations in which they exhibited the new pieces.

The SF-based Fish included new works on cutout wood panels, paintings in custom carved frames, as well as illustrations and drawings. Inspired by the cartoons from the 70s, skateboard graphics from the 80s and 90s, as well as history and popular culture, his works are both playful and dark, inhabited by animals, phenomenal graphic motifs, cool cars, and classic vans, all morphed together.

Houser on other hand, introduced a new series of works that mixes language with illustration, often expanding into the sculptural sphere with small assemblages. All wrapped in blue and dark red tones, his work literally starts as pieces on paper and through the use of collage, assemblage and installation techniques, gets converted into complex objects, panels, or even sculptures.

Incidentally, the gallery is also showing a solo by Troy Lovegates in their project room until July 16th.

Photo credit: Birdman Photos.
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