On August 30th, the second street art biennale ARTMOSSPHERE opened its doors at Moscow Manege. Introducing 26 Russian and 42 international artists whose practice was and/or is shaped by street art, the show is definitely unique in its size and concept.

Focusing on a multicuratorial status, the international curators, museums and galleries presented their artists through unique works created in Moscow during art residencies. The exhibition highlights the diversity of styles and visual languages used by the participants to express themselves through the creation of public art. From figurative to abstract works, sculptures to installations, geometrical to cartoon pieces, the featured artists put up a memorable show. With some artists bringing their signature street work inside, and some artists stepping way out of their usual paths while producing very different styles of work, this event clearly shows the power of one of the biggest and most vibrant art movements in history.

The full list of artists includes: Akacorleone, Alex Senna, Brad Downey, Chu (Doma), Orilio (Doma), Claudio Ethos, Demsky, Derek Bruno, Filippo Minelli, Finok, Galo, Gola Hundun, Hot Tea, Jaz, Jessie and Katey, Johannes Mundinger, L’Atlas, LiHill, LX One, M-city, CT, Mario Mankey, Martha Cooper, Miss Van, Nespoon, Millo, Pablo Benzo, Pastel, Paulo Ito, Proembrion, Remed, Remi Rough, Rub Kandy, Run, Sepe, Sickboy, Smash 137, Sozyone Gonsales, Spy, The London Police, Trek Matthews, Wes 21, while Russia gets represented by Zoom’ & «Zlye», Vova Nootk’, Ivan Ninety, Yulia Vanifatieva, Аndrei Аdno, Аnatoly Аkue, Stas Bags, Darion Shabbash, Кirill Basalaev, Аbel, Vladimir Аbikh, Аleksandra Кuznetsova, Еlena Shubentseva, Мisha Buryj and Aleksey Partola.