Following up on an amazing collaboration between Etam Cru and Robert Proch in Poland, Crystal Wagner was the next artist invited in by UNIQA Art Lodz to beautify the city. The new installation (created from wire armature, rip-stop water proof and UV protective nylon, cable ties) for the urban art program curated by Michał Bieżyński (of Lodz Murals) is entitled Hyperbolic and looks like it’s devouring the building. The site specific installation is located on Piotrkowska Street (the city center of Lodz) and will be on view for at least three months.

Wagner further adds –  “Hyperbolic is a wild exterior growth that wraps around the art nouveau façade of a 100 year old building in Lodz, Poland. I am interested in the dialog between architecture and organic forms and structures found in nature. It is a hybrid born of the modern and exotic landscapes that investigates through juxtaposition and context our relationship with our cultivated spaces/structures and our relationship with the natural world”

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