Last weekend, Thinkspace in Los Angeles opened a solo show from Sandra Chevrier (interviewed) entitled The Cages; and the Reading Rooms of their Lives. The new body of work featured the Canadian artist’s signature portraits of women with painted and collaged comic book facial overlays with some of the pieces featuring a physically removable “mask” of superheroes. When these covers are lifted, the emotions and fragility of the human underneath are revealed.

Chevrier further explains – “In the greater body of my work, the images used within the ‘cages’ series range from scenes of conflict, triumph, and defeat. This particular body of work I will be showing at ThinkSpace Gallery gives focus to the numerous emotions a person lives, the stories that makes us who we are in more than only a way and the different sides of our personalities; our strength, our weakness, our power, our light and darkness, hope and dreams, nightmare and tragedies…. and thus within the superhero multiple masks imagery. The words, the onomatopoeia as well as images becomes vehicles for carrying the symbolics or emotions charge of the pieces. We are all more than one story, more than one book, we are a library, a reading room. The sounds almost becomes audible, as if they were bouncing in echo against the portrait; one that hides but also lives the action of the comic books storylines.”

Photo & video credit: Birdman Photos.
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