On October 13th, Joshua Liner Gallery will be opening a group show entitled Why I Want to Fuck Donald Trump, a title inspired by JG Ballard’s 1967 essay Why I Want to Fuck Ronald Reagan. Curated by Alfred Steiner (who himself contributed grotesque portraits of the candidates created from pornographic images of male and female genitalia in his typical piecemeal style), the exhibition will be sort of a visual discussion of the historic satirical essay but applied to the 2016 presidential election.

Exhibiting artists include Aaron Johnson, Alfred Steiner, Ana Wolovick, Andrew Schoultz, Brian Andrew Whiteley, Damien Davis, David Levinthal, Eric Yahnker, Jonathan Yeo, Kris Kuksi, Lamar Peterson, Michael Kagan, Patrick Meagher, Rebecca Goyette, Sergio Muñoz Sarmiento, Tim Davis, Todd Pavlisko, Tom Sanford, and William Powhida.