Our friends over at VNA magazine are celebrating their 10 year anniversary with issue #34 of their quality publication featuring the original queen of graffiti and street art documentation, the legendary Martha Cooper, as a cover artist, and with an in depth interview covering her entire career to date. This issue once also again brings us up and close with the French street art legend that is Invader, this time describing some of the most important points in his artistic history for their Diggin in the Crates feature. Speaking of legends, the VNA crew sat down with Seen for a long, long overdue conversation, talked with James Jean about his silky mysterious images and the man behind the amazing art, and caught up with Fafi in Berlin to get the lowdown on the story so far. The new issue also brings us exclusive interviews with Japanese master, Usugrow, Todd Francis, Selina Miles, Ghostpatrol, Kai and Sunny and Urban Nation. Get your copy today via VeryNearlyAlmost.com.