On November 5th, Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco will open Hindsight, a four person show from Josh Keyes (seen above), Sandra Yagi, Ahren Hertel, and Ellen Jewett. Here’s what curator Bradley Platz had to say about the exhibition – “There is a somewhat of a post-apocalyptic environmental hindsight, running through each of these four artist’s works. It is this perspective that I looked for when selecting the artists, and which ultimately became just the starting point for a larger dialogue. The exhibition deals with heavy issues in a visually beautiful manner, encompassing themes of natural selection, and unnatural intervention into our fragile ecosystem. Each work, an ecological warning sign for our times. In Sandra Yagi’s surrealist narratives on the environment she presents her human subjects exposed, skeletal and bare to their true nature, amidst the lush menageries of nightmarish futures. Ahren Hertel’s human subjects are more forward, unabashedly destructive to their environment, his muted palette and the muted expressions of his subjects belie their actions and challenge the viewer, his subjects exposed for their harm done to nature. Ellen Jewett’s sculptural works are beautiful, surrealistic interpretations of natural history statuary, each piece a wonderful spectacle of color that reveal their human intervention with their unnaturally fantastic design. Josh Keyes otherworldly new works depict underwater forests, melting glaciers, and the survival of animals in a brave new world, long after the human cycle, in the fading twilight between one ice age and another. Through intense visual narratives and painted allegories, each artist subtly, and gracefully, reminds us of our responsibility to the planet.”

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