After hosting a solo show by Tomoo Gokita last year (covered), Bill Brady picked three artists for a small group showing during this year’s Basel Week Miami. Fountain Of Youth includes very different but exciting works by Greg Bogin, Tony Matelli & Erik Parker and opened on November 29th.

With their diverse artistic expressions and the eclectic mix of mediums and techniques used, the artists are showing the beauty and strength of contemporary art. Parker’s large paintings mix collage and painting, creating almost psychedelic images that work both on a micro and macro level. Meticulously rendered and including an endless amount of details and imagery, these canvases are in great balance with the minimalist works by Bogin. His recognizable works include unusual shapes and electric tones that can be found in Parker’s work, but being entirely non-representational, they are almost the complete opposite. Strongly relying on vibrant colors, gradient effects and canvas forms, it’s the impeccable craftsmanship that makes these work stand out. And speaking of craftsmanship, Matelli’s sculptures are known for playing games with an observer’s perception. Using a traditional sculpting medium – bronze, he creates uncanny replicas of fresh fruits, vegetables, and more that are displayed in contrast with classic concrete sculptures. Using the actual weathered sculptures to juxtapose the textures and feel between the two set of works, his facsimiles become almost indiscernible from the real thing. With all of them based out of NYC, the exhibition is sort of an ode to the Big Apple as an endless source of some of the world’s best creative talents.

Photo credit: @sashabogojev for Arrested Motion.
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