Tonight (February 3rd) in San Francisco, Modern Eden will be unveiling a new body of work from Sarah Joncas entitled Surburban Surreal. Consisting of 17 new drawings and paintings from the Toronto-based painter, the new exhibition is her way of exploring the feeling we get that something’s is just not right or a little off about a situation or setting.

She further explains – ” Suburban surreal is my exploration of the strange within the ordinary. The sneaking in of something that doesn’t quite belong or seemingly feels out of place, within a world very familiar and controlled. In the end, I used nature as the main element of my narrative for this exploration. Having lived my life within suburban and urban communities, it’s nature and the natural world that has somehow become more alien and precious to me. As a kid and an adolescent, I often looked towards what patches of green space and forest that existed nearby as a place of reflection, solace and mystery. The nostalgia of that time spent alone in the woods and the imagination it stirred, as well as the growing knowledge of what our human impact means to the environment, has created a desire for me to illuminate those feelings through my paintings in this show. Though I’d be lying if I didn’t admit it’s an idea I often touch upon in my work as a whole. In some instances I like to use nature as an encroaching, ghost-like entity. Sometimes it’s a way of alluding to my characters emotional state, and sometimes I’ll use it more decoratively, as a feminine, yet surreal accent. Overall though, I enjoy it as a poignant reminder and symbol of our important, fading connection to the Earth.”

Via Supersonic Art.
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