A couple weeks ago in Manila at Secret Fresh Gallery, Luke Chueh (interviewed) successfully opened his first solo show in the Philippines. Entitled Blood On My Hands, the work on display included paintings, customized sculptural pieces of various sizes, limited edition releases, as well as toys. Fans of his work will probably recognize the title as referring to the oftentimes blood soaked paws of his iconic sad bear character, an extension of the Los Angeles-based artist himself.

Chueh further explains – “Blood On My Hands is my debut show in the Philippines. As such, I wanted to create a show that might serve as a proper introduction to my work. Back when I started painting, blood was an important part of my narrative. Pain, suffering, loss, love, life… This and so much more can be construed from the simple red liquid. As such, some of my most popular paintings and toys featured a bloodied bear or rabbit. And though my current work has mostly moved away from the use of blood, I decided to use this opportunity to revisit the theme.

Photos via the gallery.
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