A couple weekends ago, Josh Keyes (interviewed) unveiled a new body of work entitled Implosion at Thinkspace Gallery for his long awaited solo show in Los Angeles. The new paintings continue the Portland-based artist’s thoughts on a possible dystopian future, something even more frightening in this political climate. Keyes’ masterful rendering of of nature and the excesses of mankind creates a powerful new series of works that make the viewer consider what we can do to change the bleak outlook for our species and world.

Keyes further states – “This new body of work is a sobering meditation on the possible future for this world. The current political climate in the US and growing tensions in the world are frightening. There is enormous uncertainty and anxiety about the long-term effects this presidency will have on our freedom, relations with the world, and the protection of the environment. Implosion to me implies a collapse inwards, into a hollow center. It’s like being sucked into a vacuum, a void, falling into nothing, losing the soul. For me these new paintings serve as a catharsis for working through these fears, and anxieties.”

Photo credit: Birdman Photos.
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