Coming up this Saturday night (October 28th), Last Rites in New York will be opening a new group show entitled 13th Hour. For the gallery that specializes in the dark arts, this is certainly their favorite time of year. And the theme of the exhibition is fits the bill as the name describes the final minute before 1:00 am, in which entities that are bound to other dimensions and otherworldly realms intrude on our own reality.

Participating artists include Logan Aguilar, Samuel Araya, Audra Auclair, Rachel Bridge (seen above), Saturno Buttò, Zofia Bogusz, Caniglia, Adrian Cherry, Nannette Cherry, Sam Wolfe Connelly, Paul Cristina, Damien Echols, Darwin Enriquez, Grady Gordon, Gabriela Handal, Fred Harper, Stuart Holland, Ben Howe, Michael Hussar, Jeremy Hush, Stephanie Inagaki, Miles Johnston, Kikyz1313, Eric Lacombe, Darby Lahger, Jesse Levitt, Jed Leiknes, Qixuan Lim, Eli Livingston, Brian Mashburn, Bam Maslar, Caitlin McCormack, Jim McKenzie, Emil Melmoth, Harry Michalakeas, Yomico Moreno, Matt Mrowka, Billy Norby, Juan Miguel Palacios, Shane Pierce, David Richardson, Lee Harvey Roswell, Alessandro Sicioldr, Brian Smith, David Stoupakis, Henrik Uldalen, Hannah Vandermolen, N8 VanDyke, and Way$hak.