Continuing his uncanny ability to capture the human form with his artistic touch, Kazuhiro Tsuji recently revealed his newest sculpture at the Copro Gallery booth during the LA Art Show. Joining a series of works from the Japanese sculptor that has included famed artists like Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo, and Robert Crumb is a larger-than-life head of the legendary Mark Ryden. Perched precariously on a big eye, perhaps a referencing one of the key features of the lowbrow luminary’s work, is a mind-blowingingly accurate replication of Ryden’s face. The detail “allows for close examination of each pore with a level of scrutiny not even permitted to lovers” and is testament to Tsuji’s skill, honed through many hours of work as a former special effects makeup artist in Hollywood.

For those who want to see it in person, the sculpt will be on view at the Conjoined 8 show opening at Copro Gallery on January 20th.

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