Seemingly coinciding with Paris Fashion Week, a few new yet unconfirmed pieces from Banksy recently materialized in the French capital. We have three murals for you so far, starting with the wall above featuring a girl spray painting a damask-like pattern over a swastika, speaking to the loss of innocence and the fears of rising anti-Semitism in Europe. The second stencil attributed to the surreptitious British artist was a clever riff on the neoclassical painting, Napoleon Crossing the Alps by artist Jacques-Louis David, with the notable change of covering the entire face with a cloth perhaps referencing his view of France’s leadership. The final piece features a dog missing a leg being offered a bone by a man holding a saw behind his back, evidence Banksy’s dark humor is still intact.

Looks like there have been some rats sighted as well, so come back for more soon…

Photo credit StreetArtNews, Wheres Theres Walls, and HBA_JIJO.
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