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Previews: Jose Parla – “Echo Of Impressions” @ Ben Brown Fine Art (London)

Echo Of Impressions is set to open on October 3rd at the London branch of Ben Brown Fine Arts, a new solo show from Jose Parla. The new large-scale abstract paintings and sculptural pieces from the New York-based artist continue his practice of documenting his observations of the urban space, referencing these memories to create works that mimic the textures and colors of the cityscape. Parla’s work goes deeper than just exploring the “physical impressions left around the city by time and passers-by” as he also taps into the “inspirations and experiences which imprint on our psyche,” giving a double meaning to the title of the exhibition. As per his practice, he also incorporates bits of  advertising posters, building debris, and other found materials to add a richness to the layers of his works.

Photos via the gallery.
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