For his third showing with The Hole in New York opening tomorrow (November 15th), Eric Yahnker will once again present a series of works that are at times darkly humorous, at times unsettling, and oftentimes both. Factory Reset marks the first time we have seen him use sandpaper as his “canvas,” creating pastel pieces that are critique on America today. Covering political issues, pop culture, and current events with expert wit and in combinations that are wholly unexpected, the artist based in Desert Hot Springs, California has once again assembled a body of work that is both fresh and thought provoking.

Yahnker further explains – “Factory Reset is comprised of fifteen new pastel drawings and one large, room-filling sequential animation that all try to metaphorically encapsulate the state of our union; its hopes, fears, desires and mind-bending surreality come to life. All this is as seen through the cracked lens of a 40-something, Jewish, West Coast progressive artist and political satirist, who not only deems himself a red, white, and blue-blooded patriot, but is also a newly-minted father to a badass little girl that I’ll have to one day tell the story of Trump to (without vomiting).”

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