On May 18th, Greg “Craola” Simkins (featured) will be returning to KP Projects with a showing at their new location in Los Angeles. Entitled LET THE OUTSIDE IN, the surreal new body of work from the locally-based artist will feature some familiar characters as well as some new ones, all drawn from his vivid imagination.

He explains – “Like the pages of a story you’ve always wanted to read, so are the tales when you ‘Let the Outside in.’ There is a thin veil between what we know and what we can imagine. I’ve always believed that If you can think it, you should paint it. Give an idea weight and importance, then it can exist in the viewer’s imagination as well. This world, ‘The Outside’ has been expanding in my waking and dreaming thoughts for years and it is my pleasure to introduce you to the myriad of characters, from the ‘Starry Knights’ to the ‘Dragon Birds’ and ‘Puppet People’. Each holds a specific role and purpose in keeping this world growing. It is my desire to invite you into this imagination station called ‘The Outside.'”

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