Over the weekend, Yuka Tsuruno Gallery opened up a solo exhibition from José Parlá entitled The Awakening. For his third showing with the gallery, the New York-based artist has created a new body of work while the US has been experiencing significant social unrest. Part of a series of works which are all protests paintings, Parla’s graffiti inspired imagery and textured layers reflect the fabric of the cities where this upheaval is taking place.

Some accompanying words from the artist – “awakening hindsight, envisioning reason, camouflage writing against gaslighting, blooms of mold, possessed of soul, new secret gestures dreams of greener pastures, traces of immigrant pathways – civil wounds from fragmented truths, no fair shake, human rights violated, politicians on the take, lives degraded, broken system, ghetto resistance, storms could be severe, the cold 19 is here, a better chance for clear skies, the tapestry of melanin will persevere, stealth rebellion and interdependence, lay it all on the wall what ice melts, hearts swell, the harder they come, the harder they fall.”

Photo credit: The gallery, @xxeringoxx, @therata3000, and @ksw.
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