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Coming on the heels of his

Coming on the heels of his own complaints about his teammates, Wade decided toinvolve himself in this one. It easy enough to understand why. LeBron his bestie, and he knows what it like to be needlessly dragged by Barkley and others on TV. The third annual Race for Hope rolled around in November 2014. They stopped to take a photo at the same special spot. Picture taken, Maureen started to walk away when Jim grabbed her arm. cheap oakley sunglasses Gill’s advice:replica oakleys take the […]

The second woman said the man

The second woman said the man who groped her was Asian, was about 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighed about 180 pounds with a stocky, muscular build. He had short hair and was clean shaven with a round face. She said he did not have an accent and was wearing a baseball hat, light pink shorts and blue sunglasses. fake oakley sunglasses A police source told ESPN that Charles Oakley’s comments toward team owner James Dolan led to the former Knick being forcibly removed […]

She is also survived by 3 great

She is also survived by 3 great nieces, 2 great nephews and 4 great great nephews. Visitation will be on Tuesday, September 30, 2014 at St. Vincent de Paul, 1010 W. Found! Cops rescue 15 year old student from her Tennessee. Heartbroken Usain Bolt ‘rushed to the scene’ of 4am. Make way for Mama Grizzly: Sarah Palin skips son Trig’s. I swear I was going to run down there and then I thought, the hell am I going to do? But I didn like […]

Some imitations can be quite convincing

Richardson, P. W. Watt, H. Den gode nyheten er hvis du leter etter informasjon om bryllup ringer for menn, dette er sannsynligvis den mest omfattende artikkelen du vil kunne finne. (Jeg liker vre grundig, svrt grundig.) Du fr grunnleggende og den virkelige historien og informasjon du kan bruke akkurat n for foreta en informert kjp. Best av alt, vil du lre Nkkelfakta om bryllup ringer for menn som noen andre gullsmeder ville avslre.. pandora rings The Murano glass design is what makes this possible. So […]

Armory Week ’14: Scope

One of the satellite fairs we make a point to catch during Armory Week is Scope. Hosting a variety of genres, the event featured a diverse mix of street art, low brow and emerging contemporary art working together as gallerists brought work from artists which you may be familiar with here on AM. One surprise caught at the fair was the appearance of a freight truck door allegedly tagged by Banksy during his high profile artist residency in New York City. It was interesting to catch the trend […]

Studio Visits: Beau Stanton – “Cartography of the Machine” @ Corey Helford

In anticipation of Beau Stanton’s (featured) solo exhibition at Corey Helford Gallery, we bring you look into his Redhook studios for a preview of the upcoming works. Entitled Cartography of the Machine, this show continues his journey of melding old world craftsmanship with his knowledge of architecture, letterpress graphics and antique curiosities. His attention to detail and use of colors brings to life compositions that touch on the 19th century and the intense acidic colors of the 60s & 70s. In this preview, we’re excited to […]

Streets: Nick Walker (New York)

After traveling to Japan, UK-based artist Nick Walker (interviewed) returned to New York City for a residency that will lead him up to a showing in the Big Apple (more on that soon). To warm up, Mr. Walker worked down in the Lower East Side area of Manhattan and created a complicated mural featuring some of his most iconic imagery. With the process taking place over two days, Walker finished a beautiful montage giving us a glimpse of the wildness going on in the mind of […]

Openings: Pryce Lee – “Single Shot” @ Anonymous Gallery (Pop Up)

One of the coolest exhibitions that opened up during Armory Week was put on by Anonymous Gallery, who hosted a pop-up exhibition by the red hot Pryce Lee. Entitled Single Shot, this series of fifteen individually composed art pieces explores the instance where a life is changed by a single bullet. Through the use of a mirrored sculpture, Pryce literally reflects the viewer and transport them to a world where violence has the side effect of creating innocent bystanders all around the world. The main piece features […]

Openings: Michael Kagan – “Thunder in the Distance” @ Joshua Liner

We recently had the pleasure of visiting the painting studios of Brooklyn based artist Michael Kagan as he was preparing for his show at Joshua Liner Gallery. As it turns out, the final product was even more pleasing than we would have hoped. Entitled Thunder in the Distance, this exhibition focused on space travel and its various key components which make this seemingly impossible task of existing (temporarily) in space possible. Using inspiring brush and paint techniques, Kagan brings to life a subject that is constantly in the […]

Previews: “Brooklyn Artists Ball” @ Brooklyn Museum

The art world wouldn’t be where it is without some of the fine institutions that showcase art year round for the public to enjoy. Every year, we look forward to a special benefit held annually at the Brooklyn Museum. The Brooklyn Artists Ball is a tradition for us here at AM, and it looks again to continue to celebrate the great art that is in New York City. This year, on April 16th, they honor especially Jenny Holzer (seen above), Ai Weiwei and Kehinde Wiley. Like last […]