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Teaser: Tes One – “Stencil Art Show” @ White Walls Gallery

Tes One, aka Leon Bedore, is a stencil artist hailing from the Tampa Bay area.  Tes first caught AM‘s eye at Manifest Hope (covered) with his gorgeous painting “Change We Made“.  On October 10th, Tes will showing at White Walls for their “Stencil Art Show”, a well rounded selection of up and coming X-Acto luminaries such as Chris Stain, Ernesto Yerena, Casey Gray, David Soukup and Adam 5100.  For his Floridian fans who won’t be able to make it out to Frisco, Tes will also […]

Baby Tattooville ’09: Opening Reception

Following last night’s late sketch, swap and sketch again session, AM and the participating artists reconvened for the official commencement of Baby Tattooville 2009.  Much like last year’s Shag badge (covered), this years attendees were greeted with a special name tag/art print by none other Greg “Craola” Simkins.  In addition to this signed and numbered mini print, Baby Tattooville debuted this year’s “X in one” print, a complimentary, limited edition giclee featuring the art of all participating BT artists.  Check out the goody, print and […]

Streets/Sky: Ron English – “Clouds”

With a 35 year career of billboard hijacks already under his belt and a recent showing at the prestigious Elms Lesters Painting Rooms (studio visit and opening),  Ron English’s career is going in only one direction: up.  And in this case, quite literally, Ron has taken his art to a whole new level by spelling out the word “cloud”, in clouds, five times over the NYC skyline.  Video after the jump.

Screenings: “New Brow – Contemporary Underground Art ” @ Shooting Gallery

Following a successful showing in Austin (here), New Brow: Contemporary Underground Art will be returning to San Francisco for another showing, this time following Kevin E. Taylor and Erik Otto’s “Terrestrial Syndrome” show at Shooting Gallery.  Featuring many of the artists, collectors and curators behind the pop-surrealist/low-brow/street-art scenes, New Brow will be showing at the Other Cinema on Sept. 12th at 8:30 PM, see you there! Trailers after the jump.

Preview/Video: I Am Dain – A Followup

Brooklynite Gallery recently released a second mockumentary on NYC street artist DAIN via their Brooklynite TV. Dain’s latest show, “Copacetic” opens this Saturday at the Brooklyn hot spot.  While last month’s Ben Frost show featured the legendary DJ Kool Herc, this month Brooklynite is taking it way back with a 10 piece orchestra.  For those of you unable to attend, the opening will be streamed live on Brooklynite TV. Part one of the video for those who missed it the first time.  After the jump….

Openings: “Neighborhoods SF” @ 111 Minna

This past Labor Day Weekend, a couple friends from out of town visited AM here in SF.  As it was their first time in the city (and on the West Coast!), they wanted to get acquainted with the true San Francisco experience; from the head shops on Haight to the seedy underbelly of the Tenderloin.  Well, with gas prices climbing back up, we opted for the easier SF tour – we visited the “Neighborhoods” show that opened this past weekend at 111 Minna (previewed). More […]

Openings: Date Farmers – “Strange Fruit” @ Fifty24SF

Growing up outside Los Angeles, we would find ourselves, once every couple years or so, visiting historic downtown.  Whether checking out the Bradbury building, Union Station or Chinatown, we always made sure to take a stroll down the birthplace of the City of Angels, Olvera Street.  Centered around a traditional Mexican style plaza, Olvera Street is a historic hub and insight to Mexicano culture.  Featuring colorful dresses, bollero musicians, Oaxacan altars, churro carts, Sacred Hearts and bootleg Mickey Mouse shirts, the energy and spirit of […]

Preview/Setup: Date Farmers – “Strange Fruit” @ Fifty24SF

Following last month’s sold out show by El Mac, FIFTY24SF returns with another solid show, “Strange Fruit” by the Date Farmers.  AM swung by the gallery to check out the installation; consisting of a variety of mixed media pieces, “Strange Fruit” is looking to be another great show by Lynzy and Upper Playground, opening tonight. More pictures after the jump.

Preview/Setup: Neighborhood SF @ 111 Minna

111 Minna will be presenting their latest show, “Neighborhood SF,” with the opening scheduled for tonight.  Curated by Martin Olive and Ryan Malley, “Neighborhoods” is easily looking like one of the better group shows this year.  Having SF artists interpret their respective neighborhoods is a great concept, and when you’ve got the likes of Jeremy Fish, Sylvia Ji, N8 Van Dyke, Mike Giant and David Choong Lee involved, well, let’s just say it takes the boring out of neighboring artists…. Installation shots after the jump.

Preview: Matt Dangler – “Gifts of the Magi” @ Copro Gallery

The last time time AM saw Matt Dangler, he was preparing for his “Searching for Satori” show at Gallery 1988 (interviewed).  With his latest show “Gifts of the Magi” opening this Saturday at Copro Gallery, Matt has sent us a couple preview images and sketches.  Here’s what he has to say about his upcoming show: “I have a good feeling about my September 5th show. At the forefront… and probably to most people’s surprise, I finally feel like I’m being myself. Perhaps I got caught […]