The last time time AM saw Matt Dangler, he was preparing for his “Searching for Satori” show at Gallery 1988 (interviewed).  With his latest show “Gifts of the Magi” opening this Saturday at Copro Gallery, Matt has sent us a couple preview images and sketches.  Here’s what he has to say about his upcoming show: “I have a good feeling about my September 5th show. At the forefront… and probably to most people’s surprise, I finally feel like I’m being myself. Perhaps I got caught up in the lowbrow trend… perhaps I started the initial direction of my work on the wrong foot… or perhaps it was all meant to be anyhow. I’m dark… I’m twisted… I’m weird and need humor. I’m putting it all together now… including more of a fine arts approach and technique. It’s soulful… and honest… with messages beyond the surface.”

More images after the jump.

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