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Streets: ROA (San Francisco)

It would have been a shame if Belgian street artist ROA had a show at White Walls in San Francisco (covered) and didn’t leave behind any artwork in the streets of the city… Fortunately he thought so too. After his Nocal show opening and then his gracing of the walls of MOCA’s “Art In the Streets” exhibition in Los Angeles (covered), he made sure to allot some time to return for the closing party in SF on Saturday night, as well as hit up a […]

Openings: Henry Gunderson – “New Work” @ Fecal Face Dot Gallery

Last Thursday night, Fecal Face Dot Gallery opened its doors to Henry Gunderson’s second solo show at the SF gallery (the first was in 2009, covered here). The exhibition consisted of of works in colored pencil & ink on paper (with some pieces affixed onto a bulletin board), his mixed media Linear series (which are comprised of the arrangement of various repeated inanimate objects), as well as a video sculpture reflecting his skateboarding lifestyle. Check out photos from the opening after the jump…

Openings: Marci Washington – “For Forever I’ll Be Here” @ Rena Bransten Gallery

Thursday night saw the reception of Marci Washington’s latest exhibition at the Rena Bransten Gallery. Her work typically consists of illustrations telling the narrative of a story that does not exist, which gives the work a supernatural, haunting and cinematic feel. For this show For Forever I’ll Be Here (which is based off of a Fever Ray song), she explores the common thread throughout time that stays constant, and forever influences our attempts at making the world a better place. This is achieved by producing […]

Openings: Rockin’ Jelly Bean & Sketch – “The Monsters Showcase” @ Sunday Issue

On a rainy Tuesday night in the Shibuya district in Tokyo, Japan, Sunday Issue (gallery/lounge) hosted the opening of Rockin’ Jelly Bean and Sketch’s joint exhibition, The Monsters Showcase. Rockin’ Jelly Bean (who is also known for his illustrations/paintings of sexy women and merchandise through his store, Erostika) was spotted in his signature lucha mask and groupies in tow. Both artists decided to do a series of monster paintings as a nod to their early influence from the LA Low Brow art scene. This exhibition […]

Showing: Mike Shine – “Der Wilden Mann, Thus Sprach Flotsam; Metamorphosis 3” @ Copro Gallery

Saturday, May 7 from 2:00 to 8:00PM, Copro Gallery will host the closing party for Mike Shine’s latest show, Der Wilden Mann, Thus Sprach Flotsam; Metamorphosis 3. In addition to checking out the show, patrons will be able to view a screening of Mike Shine videos and collect a few of the freebies they will be giving out. Shine was able to transform the gallery into a futuristic circus that is interactive (carnival games) and explores the themes of the philosopher Frederich Neitzsche’s work on […]

Openings: ROA – “New Works” @ White Walls

The White Walls gallery opened the doors to Belgium-based street artist, ROA’s first San Francisco solo exhibition Saturday night. Leading up to the show, information and images were shrouded in secrecy as ROA methodically put on the final touches up to the show’s opening (as evidenced by his hands covered in black paint). The show featured his signature array of finely detailed spray painted animals, sometimes in various stages of dissection and decay.  The work was done on found objects (such as metal panels, metal […]

Charity: Benefit Art Auction @ TT-Underground

Last Saturday, TT-Underground Gallery in New York City hosted the opening of the “Benefit Art Auction” to display works of art to be put on on eBay (here), with 100% of the proceeds going to the Japan Red Cross and GlobalGiving to aid those effected by the recent tsunami and earthquake in Japan. The evening included a live painting session by Lamour Supreme and Greg Mishka, as well as a ticket raffle with the proceeds going to the Japan Red Cross. A few highlights of […]

Openings: Yumiko Kayukawa – “Rock You in a Tatami Room” @ Shooting Gallery

Portland-based Japanese modern pop artist, Yumiko Kayukawa opened her seventh solo show at Shooting Gallery on Saturday in SF. The show featured her signature acrylic and ink based works full of color, girls, animals, personal narrative, and imagination. The show’s title, “Rock You in a Tatami Room” is derived from a term Yumiko came up with while creating the works in the show, which reflects her career and life in the U.S., as well as her style. We highly recommend seeing the show in person, […]

Openings: Insa – “More” @ Fifty24SF

Fifty24SF opened its doors to London-based artist Insa’s exhibition last Thursday night in San Francisco. During the week leading up to this event, Insa was busy painting up the town as well as filling up the gallery with paint fumes during the creation of his amazing stop motion video installation. The show included spray paint works on plexiglass (some of which incorporated moving parts and LEDs), prints featuring his signature motif, a sculpture, as well as photography featuring his work with beautiful women. See more […]

Openings: Mrzyk & Moriceau – “The Man With The Golden Gun” @ Ratio 3

Last Friday evening, Ratio 3 hosted the opening of the French art duo, Mrzyk & Moriceau’s show: The Man With the Golden Gun (previewed). On display were clusters of their ink drawings, masks, animated video (featuring a woman’s swaying bottom, which eventually becomes exposed and releases diamonds) and wall paintings. This was a really fun exhibition to take your time and inspect each piece to look for commentary, humor and recurring themes. More photos of the opening after the jump…