It would have been a shame if Belgian street artist ROA had a show at White Walls in San Francisco (covered) and didn’t leave behind any artwork in the streets of the city… Fortunately he thought so too. After his Nocal show opening and then his gracing of the walls of MOCA’s “Art In the Streets” exhibition in Los Angeles (covered), he made sure to allot some time to return for the closing party in SF on Saturday night, as well as hit up a few spots on the street with the help of Wall Space. AM went to pay a visit to this busy street artist while he was working on his final piece before skipping town. Given that there are sea lions are all over Fisherman’s Wharf, it seemed fitting that he would paint a few of these incredible large scale aquatic mammals in back of an old theater in the Mission District.

Check out some progress pics of the sea lion piece, as well as images of the two other pieces he did around the city after the jump…

Sea Lions: 22nd and Bartlett

Opossums: 15th and Valencia

Rabbit: on Hemlock

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