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Album Covers: Kris Kuksi x T.I. – “Dime Trap”

Even without the unveiling of album cover for rapper T.I.’s new album thru Kris Kuksi’s social media recently, fans of the sculptor will have recognized the characteristic aesthetic utilized. Dime Trap will feature one of Kuksi’s surreal assemblages, created from found objects, hand sculpted elements, and for the first time, involve 3D modeling. Take a look at more of the details below.. Discuss Kris Kuksi here.

Album Covers: Eric White x Tyler, The Creator – “Scum Fuck Flower Boy”

After working with Mark Ryden (interviewed) on an album cover back in 2013 (covered), Tyler, The Creator recently unveiled information about a new LP with the imagery of Eric White. Scum Fuck Flower Boy won’t the the first time White has worked with musicians as he has done covers for acts like Korn, Frank Zappa, Incubus and The Meices in the past. Head over here to read more about the how the process between the LA and NY-based artist and Tyler evolved on this project. Discuss Eric White here.

Album Covers: Daniel Arsham x Usher – “No Limit” & “Crash”

On the cover of two new singles from Usher is artwork that fans might recognize if they are familiar with the work of Daniel Arsham. Featuring two views of a sculpture created in the signature future archaeological style of the Brooklyn-based sculptor, No Limit & Crash are both great examples of collaborations between music artists and fine artists. Usher apparently spent four hours sitting still while Arsham put him through the process of creating something that might be discovered in the the distant future, like the ruins […]

Album Covers: Kevin Peterson x Red Hot Chili Peppers

For their new album, The Getaway, the Red Hot Chili Peppers have decided to use the work of Kevin Peterson on the cover. The image chosen was cropped from the Houston-based artist’s Coalition II painting (seen below), some of his instantly recognizable imagery of children strolling through urban environments with their animal companions. Grab a copy when it drops June 17th from Warner Bros and enjoy some good music along with good art. Discuss Kevin Peterson here.

Album Covers: James Jean x Linkin Park – “The Hunting Party”

With the release scheduled for next month (June 17th), it’s time to tell you about James Jean’s (interviewed) latest project – working on Linkin Park ‘s new album artwork. If you remember, he also created Taleb Kweli’s cover art back in 2012. The latest effort from Jean sees the American rock band working off the sublime sketches (seen below) from the artist, currently on sabbatical somewhere in Asia, and utilizing 3D modeling to create the images seen in promotion as well as on the cover […]

Album Covers: Jeff Koons x Lady Gaga – “ARTPOP”

Yesterday, Lady Gaga revealed the cover for her upcoming album ARTPOP featuring the work of Jeff Koons. Dominated by the image of a nude sculpture of the 27 year old singer, the new artwork was hinted at in her latest single Applause in her lyrics – “One second I’m a Koons, then suddenly the Koons is me.” Behind the sculpture are spliced parts of artworks including Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus, which is also referenced in the seashell base at the bottom and Gaga’s bikinis in her Applause […]

Album Covers: Tim Barber x Elton John – “The Diving Board”

Continuing a long line of artists seen here on AM who have collaborated on album covers, a Tim Barber image graces the cover of Elton John’s soon-to-be released The Diving Board. The former photo editor of famed Vice Magazine’s iconic shot of a man standing on edge, over looking an ocean, looks to be somewhat modified to fit the format – if you remember, this piece was seen at his solo show in Los Angeles in 2010 (covered). If you are looking for more from Barber, check […]

Steve “ESPO” Powers – Remixed Kanye West “Yeezus” Cover

ESPO (featured), who recently showed in Brussels at the Alice Gallery (covered), found time for a fun project last week. Taking the tempting blank slate of the minimalistic cover of Kanye West’s new Yeezus album, Mr. Powers covered the entire case with his characteristic imagery. The alternate cover takes quotes from controversial rapper himself as inspiration for the creation. Learn a little more about it here. Discuss ESPO here.

Videos: Eric Shaw x Wild Nothing Music Video

If like us, you enjoy the superflat yet explosive paintings of New York painter Eric Shaw, you might be interested to see his work come to life. Shaw recently collaborated with indie rock band Wild Nothing and director / animator Hayley Atkins on the video for their single A Dancing Shell. Furthermore, Eric Shaw also produced the limited edition packaging (pictured below) for the band’s Empty Estate ep, from which the track is taken. Discuss this artist here.

Mark Ryden Designs Album Cover For Tyler, The Creator

Odd Future leader Tyler, The Creator recently released images (three of them) that will be used for the cover art of his new album – Wolf. One of these versions was created by none other than Mark Ryden, who if you remember has had experience with album cover design (Michael Jackson’s Dangerous). Fans of the painter and rapper will have the opportunity to pick up the album on April 2nd. Via The World’s Best Ever. Discuss Mark Ryden here.