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Previews: “Immersion” @ Richard Heller Gallery

This Saturday night, March 24th, Richard Heller Gallery in Los Angeles will be opening a group show entitled Immersion. Artists were asked to create work that play off the title of the exhibition – literally depicting immersion, working with the complete immersion into other worlds, or make pieces that involveĀ the process of immersion in the creative process itself. Participating artists include Dan Attoe (seen above), Amy Bennett, Morgan Blair, Ryan Travis Christian, Hanna Hansdotter, Kajahl, Matthew Palladino, Super Future Kid, Christian Rex van Minnen, Mark […]

Art Focus: Amy Bennett

We’ll be re-purposing our Art Focus feature a little by using it to introduce you to artists that are new to us or those not reported on frequently here on AM. First up is Brooklyn artist Amy Bennett who uses the interesting technique of building miniature sets and then using them as reference for her remarkable paintings. Not only are they rendered beautifully giving you an almost painted equivalent to tilt-shift photographs, she also manages to infuse her compositions with subtle storytelling that leaves one […]