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Preview: Ana Bagayan – “Critters” @ Roq La Rue

Go big… that’s what Ana Bagayan (featured) is aiming for with this show apparently. We were impressed with the larger scale and the amount of detail she put into the paintings she created for this Seattle show. This Friday, her new body of work, “Critters” will open up alongside Tin (interviewed) & Ryan Heshka at Roq La Rue. AM has a preview of the latest set of paintings from this very talented artist to share with you after the jump…

Preview: Ana Bagayan – “Critters” @ Roq La Rue

Next month, opening on October 9th to be exact, Ana Bagayan (featured) will be part of a group show with Tin (interviewed) and Ryan Heshka. She’s planning to have some drawings and 5 large paintings for this show, one of which is 24″ x 36″, oil on wood, seen above – “Critters.”  Take a look at some more preview shots after the jump…

Releases/Charity: Ana Bagayan – “Silence” Print & Lunch Bunch

Artist Ana Bagayan recently released two new giclee prints.  The first one is a special charity fundraiser print entitled ”Prey” (above), with 100% of the profits going towards funding Ana’s Lunch Bunch project (Each copy of ”Prey” is just $25, and the funds raised from each sale will feed 12 people). Ana recently started off making and distributing home-made lunch packs for the homeless of Los Angeles. Lunch Bunch is operated by Ana and her friend Mere alone, all undertaken completely at their own expense. After just […]

Openings: Crazy 4 Cult 3D @ Gallery 1988 LA

AM had the pleasure of attending the opening of Crazy 4 Cult 3D show at Gallery 1988 (LA) a couple weeks ago. The 3rd installment of the wildly popular group show again brought together some of our favorite artists to reinterpret some of the most addictive cult films of all time. Again, we saw the perennial favorites such as The Professional, Edward Scissorhands, Office Space and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. But what we enjoyed were some new cult films such as The Jerk, Never […]

Teaser: “Beach Blanket Bingo – A Summer Mixer” @ Jonathan Levine Gallery

A pretty impressive group show is being assembled at Jonathan Levine Gallery entitled “Beach Blanket Bingo – A Summer Mixer,” set to open on August 5th.  An appropriate name for the show as there definitely seems to be a eclectic “mix” of artists including Ana Bagayan (featured), Glenn Barr, Ray Caesar, Dave Cooper, David Ellis, Ron English (studio visit), Natalia Fabia (interviewed), Korin Faught, AJ Fosik, Logan Hicks (interviewed), Seonna Hong, Anthony Lister (interviewed), Jack Long, Cleon Peterson, Scott Radke (interviewed), SKINNER, ELBOW-TOE (interviewed), Adam […]

Preview: “Crazy 4 Cult 3D” @ Gallery 1988 (LA)

Here is the amazing and unprecedented collaboration piece between Amy Sol (interviewed) and Greg “Craola” Simkins (interviewed) for this year’s Crazy 4 Cult show at Gallery 1988 (LA). This tribute to “The Neverending Story” is one of the many stunning pieces for this annual exhibition celebrating cult movies. Opening this Thursday night, July 16th (7 – 10pm), attendees will do well for themselves to get there early as lines will be long. If you fancy yourself an expert on cult movies, take a look at […]

Teaser: Crazy 4 Cult III @ Gallery 1988 (LA)

It’s always interesting to see artists step out of their comfort zone and create a piece for theme shows.  Constrained by the subject matter, one needs to find a way to fit into the show, yet maintain your own style so that your work is recognizable as your own.  Ana Bagayan was successful on all counts with this piece (creative process on her blog) for this year’s Crazy 4 Cult show at Gallery 1988 (LA).  The third installment of this hugely successful show is set […]

Preview: “Monster?” Group Show @ Copro Gallery

Monsters are attacking Bergamot Station!  Well, at least for the similarly named group show at Copro Gallery this Saturday night curated by none other than Travis Louie (interviewed).  Well respected in the art world and a talented artist himself, Travis was able to put together an impressive list of participants for exhibition.  Not only did he include regulars like Audrey Kawasaki (interviewed), Ron English (featured), Dan May (interviewed), Kris Kuksi, Chet Zar, Brian Despain (interviewed), Ana Bagayan (featured), and Tessar Lo, he also made sure […]

Openings: Ana Bagayan @ Billy Shire

Ana Bagayan presented new work at Billy Shire this past Saturday, March 14th. AM met up with Ana during the first hour of the opening reception. She took us through and showed us her new pieces, which include 9 paintings, 10 drawings and a numbered edition print. When we saw Ana, she was holding a small stack of prints (pictured at the end of the photo gallery below). These prints turned out to be gifts that she would hand out to the first 30 people […]

Creative Process: Ana Bagayan – Promethius

Ana Bagayan’s latest show: “Orphan” is set to open Saturday at the renowned Billy Shire Fine Arts. We’ve been keeping tabs on the fabulous Ana and her superfine works. Ana has been working non-stop since we last saw her at Baby Tattooville to get ready for this show and thankfully she worked in some time to do a “creative process” on her latest work “Promethius“. This gorgeous 12″ x 23” oil on wood made it’s debut at Copro Nason’s “Superschool” group show this past weekend (covered). […]