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Streets: AEC (Interesni Kazki) // Bloop Festival (Ibiza)

Earlier this month, AEC from Interesni Kazki (interviewed) traveled to Ibiza for the latest Bloop Festival. The mural was painted as part of the OpenAir.Gallery project, the festival’s long term plan to convert the island into a true gallery under the skies, open all year round. Entitled The Revolution, and located Sant Antoni de Portmany, the piece features his signature surrealistic and symbolic style. Discuss Interesni Kazki here.

Streets: Phlegm for the 2013 Bloop Festival (Ibiza)

Muralist Phlegm recently travelled to Ibiza for this year’s Bloop Festival which has just gotten started. Like his effort last year for the event held on the popular island in the Mediterranean Sea, the Sheffield-based street artist was given lots of space to work with. He didn’t waste much of it as he painted a huge robot appearing to examine bits of his own brain, but a closer look reveals some of his signature characters in CONTROL – the theme of this year’s festival. Other […]

Streets: Phlegm for the 2012 Bloop Festival (Ibiza)

After a series of murals in New York, Phlegm continues his globe-trotting ways and head over to Sant Antoni de Portmany, Ibiza for the Bloop Festival (see last year). The new piece on the side of a building has an Escher-esque feel to it, but re-imagined with UK-based street painter’s characters and style. Also scheduled to make an appearance at the event are Interesni Kazki, Boris Hoppek, Btoy, Olek, Malarky, and more. Discuss Phlegm here.

Streets: Interesni Kazki (Ibiza)

After featuring some of Interesni Kazki’s impressive surrealistic murals in Barcelona and Russia here on AM, we turn to their newest wall, this time in Ibiza. The Ukranian street duo were in town for Bloop Festival, an art event focusing on an interesting phenomenon – an extremely powerful underwater sound detected by the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) years ago with the source of the sound is still unknown. Another look at their Dali-esque interpretation after the jump…