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Openings: Beau Stanton – “Archaic Ornaments” @ Bold Hype

Earlier this year, AM visited Beau Stanton (featured) studio to catch him at work on pieces for his show at Bold Hype Gallery. We also had the pleasure in visiting him at the New York showspace for the opening of his exhibition entitled Archaic Ornaments. Using his talents and numerous techniques, Beau brought forth the past and its forgotten relics into the present with a look at artifacts from a bygone era and bringing them into the light of today. Check out a detailed look at this […]

Studio Visits: Beau Stanton – “Archaic Ornaments” @ Bold Hype

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from the Brooklyn-based Beau Stanton (featured). Well, he’s about to unveil a new show tonight at New York’s Bold Hype Gallery. Entitled Archaic Ornaments, this fresh body of work is somewhat of an extension and evolution from his last show in San Francisco. Present are many of the same elements which Beau has focused on in the past such as artifacts and machines from a bygone era, but pushing forward, the artist brings to attention a sort of […]

Phil Noto – “New Machines” @ Bold Hype

This past spring, comic artist Phil Noto exhibited a nice show at New York’s Bold Hype Gallery. The body of work entitled New Machines comprised of over thirty fresh works with Noto’s dose of 60s & 70s retro style & flare. With much of the subject matter focusing on his refined females in many familiar nostalgic surroundings, we found ourselves thoroughly enjoying his fine art work. Check it all out after the jump.

Openings: “Quentin vs. Coen” @ Bold Hype Gallery

A while back, AM stopped by the Bold Hype Gallery to take in the opening of Quentin vs. Coen put on by our friends at Spoke Art. The massive group show which on lasted several days featured artwork inspired by cult-movie directors Quentin Tarantino and the Coen Brothers. Feast your eyes on some of the opening pics after the jump including artwork of your favorite scenes and iconic characters…

Preview: “Quentin vs. Coen” @ Bold Hype Gallery

Following up on the fun and success of last year’s Bad Dads: A Tribute to Wes Anderson (covered), our friends at Spoke Art will continue to marry their love of iconic filmmakers with clever group shows, this time pitting cult heroes Quentin Tarantino and the Coen Brothers against one another in a battle-royale style art throwdown. Opening Thursday, April 7th at Bold Hype Gallery, Quentin vs. Coen will serve as the first installment of their “versus” series, incorporating over 100 artists from the New Contemporary […]

Showing: “Things To Come” @ Bold Hype Gallery

AM stopped by the fresh Chelsea space of Bold Hype Gallery to catch their latest show “Things To Come.” Having moved from Orlando to New York City, the gallery is starting off the new season with a selection of artist that highlights what they’re all about. The show includes works from Bob Dob, Dan May, Nathan Spoor, Allison Sommers, Doug Boehm, Chris Buzelli, Paul Chatem, R.S. Connett, Brendan Danielsson, Nicole Gastonguay, Greg Hergert, Douglas Hoffman, Charlie Immer, Colin Johnson, Jason Limon, Heiko Muller, Nathan Ota, Shaunna Peterson, Leah Palmer Preiss, […]

Preview: “Strangers” Group Show @ Bold Hype Gallery

Bold Hype Gallery has been bringing the New Contemporary scene to Orlando for a while now. Their next group show, entitled “Strangers” is their first exhibition to be held at their new space following their recent relocation to New York. This show brings together an interesting international mix of artists for us, with some newer names amongst others we are more familiar with. Opening on Thursday 3rd June, Adam Alaniz, Chinamike, Andy Council, Heisuke Kitazawa (pcp), kozyndan , Travis Lampe, Sean Morris, Sidney Pink, Skinner, […]