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Preview: “Lowbrow Tarot Project” @ La Luz de Jesus

We just wanted to let you know about an interesting project on display this October at La Luz de Jesus – the Lowbrow Tarot Project curated by Aunia Kahn. She has invited 22 other great artists including Kris Kuksi, David Stoupakis, Chet Zar, Laurie Lipton, Brian Viveros, Scott G. Brooks, and Jennybird Alcantara to create artwork inspired by the 22 major Arcana of tarot cards, each representing an aspect of human emotion. The multidisciplinary show opens on October 9th and will feature a book and […]

Teaser: Brian Viveros – “Dirtyland” @ Thinkspace

Wow! Looks like Brian Viveros is raising an army of chain-smoking ladies for his upcoming solo at Thinkspace Gallery in October. The new body of work entitled “Dirtyland” will feature what Viveros does best – beautiful and rugged women smoking, carrying weapons, all mascaraed up and ready to do battle. More teaser shots after the jump…

Preview: “The Red Light Exhibit” @ The Dirty Show

A naughty little show is opening this Friday night (Feb 12th), appropriately we suppose, as Sunday is Valentine’s Day.  “The Red Light Exhibit” features a pretty nice lineup which includes Shawn Barber, Paul Booth, Scott G. Brooks, Vincent Castiglia, Colin Christian (interviewed), Molly Crabapple, Camilla D’Errico, Ewelina Ferusso, Michael Hussar, Michael Mararian, Dan Quintana, Celeste Rapone, David Stoupakis, The Dirty Fabulous, Brian Viveros, Tony Ward, & Jasmine Wort. Curated by Genevive Zacconi, in association with Last Rites Gallery, the show will be held at The […]

Preview: Brian Viveros & Dan Quintana – “Desensitized” @ Copro Gallery

Brian Viveros and Dan Quintana are set to open a dual show tonight entitled “Desensitized” with collaborative (like the painting above) and individual works. In what seems to be a perfect match in styles, both artists will be bringing their cigarette-smoking, gun-slinging, bad-ass women to Copro Gallery for all to worship and enjoy. In addition to the art on the walls, the event will feature a loop of Brian Viveros’ films “Dislandia” and “Southern,” a custom made sculpture of one of the paintings, cocktail servers […]

Preview: Basel Week Miami ’09 – Thinkspace @ Aqua

Thinkspace Gallery will be showing at the Aqua Fair this year with a group of artists including Brian M. Viveros, Mr. Jago, Kris Lewis (interviewed), Ekundayo, Scott Radke (interviewed), Yosuke Ueno, Joao Ruas, Brett Amory, Sarah Joncas, Allison Sommers (interviewed), Tran Nguyen, Nathan DeYoung, Tony Philippou, Imminent Disaster, and Seth Armstrong. Also, as you can see from the image above, they will be bringing along work from Damon Soule to Art Basel Week, a preview for his much anticipated show with them in February of […]

ARTWALK Culver City: Thinkspace Gallery

Last weekend, Culver City hosted their ARTWALK 2009 event with over thirty galleries throughout the area participating. Thinkspace Gallery, located in the Silver Lake district, got in on the action as well, opening a one day pop-up gallery on Washington Blvd. Fans packed the rear gallery area throughout the day to see the live-painting demonstration by Asylm, Anthony Clarkson, Mear One, Michael Alvarez, Michael Pukac, Nathan DeYoung and Zoso. The show itself featured work from Ekundayo, Allison Sommers, ARMSROCK, Brandi Milne, Brian Viveros, Camilla d’Errico, Fafi, […]

Openings: Brian M. Viveros & Matthew Bone – “Southern” @ Last Rites Gallery

Last Rites Gallery, which bills itself as a home for artists that prefer to explore the darker side of their imagination, serves as the perfect backdrop for “Southern,” (previewed) the two-person solo show featuring the work of Brian M. Viveros and Matthew Bone currently on view at the gallery. At AM, we enjoy art that touches a nerve with viewers and garners strong reactions – this show certainly fits the bill. The crowd at the opening was delighted by the raw and uncut exploration of […]

Preview: Brian M. Viveros & Matthew Bone – “Southern” @ Last Rites Gallery

Brian M. Viveros and Matthew Bone open their two-person solo exhibition entitled “Southern” tomorrow, May 9th, at Last Rites Gallery. Both artists have quite the knack for painting images with a strong visual impact, each depicting their own edgy versions of sexy women. Viveros describes his approach to this show as “keeping the vibe STRONG and DIRTY homie, just the way we like it” in an interview with our friends at Sour Harvest while Bone continues his exploration of the “lurid underbelly of humanity.” In […]

Openings: Lola’s Natural Beauties and Superschool @ Copro Gallery

“Natural Beauties” and “Superschool” (previewed) opened at Copro Gallery this past Saturday, March 7th. Upon entering Copro Gallery, you will see Lola’s solo show “Natural Beauties” on display in the room directly ahead. At the other wing of the gallery you will find “Superschool”, a group exhibition curated by Lola.  The two shows are on display until March 28th. You can find more details on the artwork in “Natural Beauties” here and more details on the artwork in “Superschool” here.  We captured some nice moments […]

Preview: Lola & Super School @ Copro Gallery

A couple interesting shows are opening this weekend at Copro Gallery (formerly Copro Nason Gallery) at the Bergamot Station complex in Santa Monica. The first is “Natural Beauties,” a solo show from Lola after her recent successful showing at Corey Helford Gallery. The other group show running concurrently is actually curated by Lola and entitled “Superschool.” Definitely check this out at the opening on March 7th as the long list of great artists include Scott Musgrove, Travis Louie, Gary Baseman, Sas Christian, Chet Zar, Heiko […]