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Teaser: “District La Brea” Group Exhibition @ MK2 Projects

MK2 Projects, the special exhibition space from Merry Karnowsky, will open a group exhibition from 7-10pm tomorrow, November 11th, in conjunction with the unveiling of Shepard Fairey’s (featured) latest “District La Brea” mural (more on this later). The two week show will feature work from Shepard Fairey, Deedee Cheriel, Mercedes Helnwein, Mark Whalen / Kill Pixie (featured), Mel Kadel, Travis Millard, Matt Small (interviewed), Samuel Lowder (FrePrs), Lezley Saar, Aiko Nakagawa, Todd Carpenter and Steven R. Gilmore. MK2 Projects is located at 161 S. La […]

Highlights: Recommended Openings – San Diego Comic-Con 2010

There is no shortage of art related events at San Diego Comic-Con 2010 happening off the convention floor. After meeting your favorite artists during one of their signing events, unwind by checking out some of the excellent art shows currently on exhibit or enjoy a drink while watching some live painting. There’s no better way to relax after a long day of walking around at the Con. Get a full overview of the best art events during Comic-Con 2010 after the jump.

Signings: San Diego Comic-Con 2010

San Diego Comic-Con 2010 officially kicks off this Wednesday. One of the things we’ve always enjoyed about the convention is being able to chat with some of our favorite artists or for those instances when we’ve been too awe-struck, simply get a sketch or toy signed. This year’s roster has us just as excited. Be sure to arrive at least a half hour before the signing is scheduled to begin as there will definitely be lines. A schedule of the artist signings we’re excited about […]

Studio Visits/Teaser: Judith Supine @ New Image Art

The last time AM got a look inside the studio of street artist Judith Supine (seen on streets), there was a lot of work in the early stages of development – loose bits of magazine cut-outs and collages that hadn’t yet received the special touch of color Supine executes so well. Thanks to Dante Ross, we get another peek at some of the pieces he’s working on for his solo show at New Image Art, which is slated for early November. In addition to some of his more […]

Openings: ModArt Magazine Curated Show @ Thinkspace Gallery

Thinkspace Gallery’s current group show, “ModArt – A Celebration of 20 Issues and All That Lay Ahead,”  (previewed) curated by the team at European based ModArt Magazine opened to an excited Los Angeles crowd, but things really popped off when Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore and Soleil Moon Frye (who played Punky Brewster) dropped by the gallery to check out the work, specifically the front window installation by German street artist NOMAD. Besides scoping out NOMAD’s humorous caveman-like drawings and installation pieces, the trio and the rest of […]

Openings: “A Mirror Distorted” @ Carmichael Gallery

Opening alongside Guy Denning’s “Celebrity Will Eat Itself” show at the Carmichael Gallery is “A Mirror Distorted” (previewed) featuring work from four unique female voices. South African transplant Candice Tripp (interviewed) continues to impress us with her wit and great use of white space, while Pam Glew displays her unique “flag” works which were created utilizing a special bleach and ink technique. Cherri Wood focuses solely on canvas works for this show, continuing to express her thoughts on isolation and idiosyncrasies through her characters. Rounding out the pack is […]

Openings: Dennis McNett – “Year of the Wolfbat” @ Thinkspace Gallery

Dennis McNett’s (streets) show “Year of the Wolfbat” (setup) at Thinkspace Gallery was a whiff of fresh air for the Los Angeles art scene. With a body of work that felt raw and organic, the printmaking teacher at the Pratt Institute filled the gallery with a strong mixture of installation and sculpture pieces, as well as hand-carved works on wood and of course, silk-screened works on cloth and paper, all of which centered around Dennis’ animal and nature motifs. Those who weren’t able to make it to the two-day only show, don’t fret. AM’s got […]

Openings: Guy Denning – “Celebrity Will Eat Itself” @ Carmichael Gallery

Guy Denning’s lastest body of work “Celebrity Will East Itself,” currently showing at the Carmichael Gallery, goes beyond the glitz and glam of Hollywood and explores the darker side of stardom. Working with oils, Denning presents a series of dark and powerful pieces compounded of raw emotion that exposes the uncertainty and insecurities of his ambiguous celebrity subjects. The power of these pieces is further highlighted by the textures and painterly technique he employs. Detailed photos of the work and pics from the opening after the jump.

Preview & Setup: ModArt Magazine Curated Show @ Thinkspace Gallery

At 7pm tonight, Thinkspace Gallery plays host for the opening of “ModArt – A Celebration of 20 Issues and All That Lay Ahead,” a group show curated by the team at European based ModArt Magazine. AM stopped by the gallery for a sneak peek while things were being set up and enjoyed the visual buffet of urban, low-brow and contemporary art that was on hand – a show definitely worth checking out. The roster of artists in the show includes UK urban artist Mr. Jago and […]

Openings: Invader – “Low Fidelity” @ Lazarides (Rathbone Place)

“Low Fidelity,” (previewed) the latest body of work from French urban artist Invader, has taken over Lazarides – Rathbone Place. Featuring his “Rubikcubism” technique, an offshoot of his artistry with colored tiles, Invader utilizes the faces of the popular puzzle game as pixels in his images, which he utilizes to create a new series of classic rock and roll album covers,  sculptures, drawings and mosaics. Invader takes things a step further in some of the works by adding a high-tech twist to his very low-tech pieces through the integration […]