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Openings: “Willoughby Windows” presented by Ad Hoc Art

Bringing life to a row of twelve empty storefronts in New York, the “Willoughby Windows” (previewed) community beautification project presented by Ad Hoc Art in conjunction with the MetroTech Business Improvement District, was a success by all accounts. The storefronts, located at 89 to 106 Willoughby Street in Brooklyn, included participation from artists Chris Stain, Ellis G. (interviewed), Gaia, Logan Hicks (interviewed), Dennis McNett, Michael De Feo, Josh MacPhee and more. Given the number of rising empty storefronts due to the state of the economy, hopefully we’ll see more such projects take place in […]

Openings: Munky Bidness – San Diego Comic-Con 2009

This year’s Comic-Con saw no shortage of art-related events and after hitting up the screening of Scribble.08, AM made its way over to “Munky Bidness” put on by Munky King and Hi-Fructose. The focus of the party was a live-painting exhibition by Buff Monster and Food One, who utilized the supple bodies of some female participants as their canvases, while Attaboy, Carlos Ramos and Chris Ryniak opted for the more traditional wood surface. More after the jump.

Streets: Dennis McNett

While putting together the last minute preperations for tonight’s “Year Of The Wolfbat” show at Thinkspace Gallery, Dennis McNett got the urge to make his mark on the streets of Los Angeles. Out came the bucket and flour mixed with the right touch of water and he was off, wheatpaste posters in hand. Dennis was also kind enough to give away one of his posters to the first commenter on this post. More after the jump.

Preview/Setup: Dennis McNett – “Year Of The Wolfbat” @ Thinkspace Gallery

New York City’s Dennis McNett, who teaches printmaking at the Pratt Institute, is in Los Angeles to present “Year of the Wolfbat” at Thinkspace Gallery, a special two-day show opening tomorrow, Saturday, August 8th from 7-11PM. AM dropped by the gallery while the work was going up and got a good look at the complex imagery, insane animals and patterns that make up his work. Dennis is going all out for this show, taking over the entire gallery space and filling it with pieces presented […]

Openings: Scribble.08 Film Screening and Art Exhibition – San Diego Comic-Con 2009

AM enjoyed the screening of the art film “Scribble.08” and coinciding art show alongside artists James Jean (interviewed), Tim Biskup, Jeff Soto (interviewed), Bwana Spoons, Mari Inukai and the rest of the crowd held at Wonderhaus during Comic-Con 2009. The 48-minute documentary directed by Mark Murphy features a series of intriguing interviews with an amazing group of artists: Camille Rose Garcia, Jeff Soto, Joe Sorren, Kevin Christy, Martha Rich, The Clayton Brothers (studio visit) and Tim Biskup. It was great to get a personal look […]

Releases: David Choe – “Choegal Siamese Twin”

Next week, David Choe will be dropping the latest and arguably the illest version of his “Choegal” art figure, this time re-versioned as a Siamese twin. The hand-painted figures, total edition size of 500, cost $65 and will be available through Ningyoushi and DoublePunch. A look at the other side of the face and the packaging after the jump.

Openings: Planet Illogica Launch Party – San Diego Comic-Con 2009

Ron English (studio visit) and 2esae and SKI of Destroy and Rebuild rocked downtown San Diego’s Wonderhaus with their live painting session during the launch party for Planet Illogica, a social networking website focused on the creative arts community. Utilizing the bodies of some gorgeous models as their canvases, Ron transformed his female subjects with his pop-surrealist touch while the boys from Destroy and Rebuild gave them a little NYC flavor, hitting their subjects with throw-ups and some sick designs. Complementing the fine and graffiti art were Cirque […]

Streets: Faile – Update on the Second Spinning Prayer Wheel

As expected, the second spinning prayer wheel installation from Faile was stolen off the streets of Williamsburg a few days after we posted about it. Strange thing is that after disappearing for a few months, the prayer wheel resurfaced earlier this week a few blocks away from its original location with a few tags and some paint added to it. Shortly thereafter, a passerby caught one of the Patrick’s of Faile cleaning the prayer wheel up (seen above), subsequently stripping it down to its beautiful natural […]

Streets: Judith Supine

Street artist Judith Supine (studio visit) has been traveling all over New York City, painting the town green with a mix of awesome imagery and street pieces that are fantastically placed. Hitting up the city’s top spots and even going into uncharted territory (read: NYC’s sewers), AM can only speculate that Supine is getting his name out there in preparation for his solo show at New Image Art later this year. Check out the rest of Judith’s recent street pieces after the jump…

Interviews/Preview: Eric Fortune – “Daughters of Our Nature” @ Roq La Rue

“Daughters of Our Nature,” the latest body of work from Eric Fortune opens at Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle, tomorrow, July 24 from 6-9 PM. AM first spotted Fortune’s work back when he participated in a group show at Copro Gallery last year and we’ve been captivated since by the ethereal feeling of his paintings, which are the product of a time and labor intensive process. We had the pleasure of catching up with Eric ahead of the show to find out more about […]