As expected, the second spinning prayer wheel installation from Faile was stolen off the streets of Williamsburg a few days after we posted about it. Strange thing is that after disappearing for a few months, the prayer wheel resurfaced earlier this week a few blocks away from its original location with a few tags and some paint added to it. Shortly thereafter, a passerby caught one of the Patrick’s of Faile cleaning the prayer wheel up (seen above), subsequently stripping it down to its beautiful natural wood and touching it up with a nice light white coat of paint.

Photos of the short but storied life thus far of this prayer wheel after the jump.

Original Prayer Wheel:

Returned covered in tags and paint:

Stripped down to the bare wood:

Light layer of white paint:

Photos courtesy of Kosher Howey, disconotdisco and SMKjr.
Thanks to Animal NY for the heads up.
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