In our recent review of Faile’s extraordinary show “Lost in Glimmering Shadow’s,” we briefly touched on the new “Prayer Wheels” and “Circular Palettes” which were premiered in the UK. AM now brings you an closer look at these two beautiful hand produced mediums!

Patrick hard at work

Patrick hard at work

Faile has really taken urban medium to another level by infusing their “spin” on an age old spiritual instrument. True to the original spiritual Prayer Wheels found in Asia, the detailed graphic carvings on the Prayer Wheels are designed to spin around and be used as a visual aid to enhance the user’s focus and prayers. Faile’s creation of these true to life and intricate Prayer Wheels showed that these are not just flimsy ornaments slapped together for cosmetic purposes. Each hefty Prayer Wheel is hand-carved from Merbau wood, mounted and rotates on a steel base; 12 to 14 inches in diameter and 29 inches in height with an approx weight – 100 pounds! Talk about “Visions of Faile”… now this takes on a whole new meaning!

More on the “Circular Palettes” after the jump. We have also interspersed some images from our friend Manuel at Fecal Face who visited Faile’s studio to see them produce these truly amazing hand crafted artifacts.

Another medium that Faile has added to their diverse urban arsenal is the “Circular Wooden Palette”. These hefty palettes are wood based and range from 24 inches, 36 inches and even 48 inches in diameter. Each beautifully handcrafted and weathered palette is 2 inches in depth and is masterfully painted and layered in the signature Faile style. As you can see in the pictures below, the palettes can be displayed and mounted similar to a canvas.

Here’s some more detailed pics of the Prayer Wheels and Circle Palettes.

Some in progress shots from Faile’s studio

Photos courtesy of  Lazarides and our friend Manuel at Fecal Face See more of Manuel’s visit to Faile’s studio here.

We leave you with some images of our favorite… the signature Faile Boxes!

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