AM enjoyed the screening of the art film “Scribble.08” and coinciding art show alongside artists James Jean (interviewed), Tim Biskup, Jeff Soto (interviewed), Bwana Spoons, Mari Inukai and the rest of the crowd held at Wonderhaus during Comic-Con 2009.

The 48-minute documentary directed by Mark Murphy features a series of intriguing interviews with an amazing group of artists: Camille Rose Garcia, Jeff Soto, Joe Sorren, Kevin Christy, Martha Rich, The Clayton Brothers (studio visit) and Tim Biskup. It was great to get a personal look at the people behind the art and to be able to hear, in their own words, the inspiration and meaning of their work.

Equally as impressive was the cross-sectional look at work being produced by a new generation of low-brow artists. The show, also curated by Mark Murphy, included pieces from James Jean, Glenn Barr, Matthew Bone, Colin Christian, Dan May, Sas Christian, AJ Fosik, Chris Mars, Damon Soule, Martin Wittfooth and more.

Photos from the opening and details about how you can purchase and win your own copy of Scribble.08 after the jump.

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