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Openings: Munky Bidness – San Diego Comic-Con 2009

This year’s Comic-Con saw no shortage of art-related events and after hitting up the screening of Scribble.08, AM made its way over to “Munky Bidness” put on by Munky King and Hi-Fructose. The focus of the party was a live-painting exhibition by Buff Monster and Food One, who utilized the supple bodies of some female participants as their canvases, while Attaboy, Carlos Ramos and Chris Ryniak opted for the more traditional wood surface. More after the jump.

Openings: Scribble.08 Film Screening and Art Exhibition – San Diego Comic-Con 2009

AM enjoyed the screening of the art film “Scribble.08” and coinciding art show alongside artists James Jean (interviewed), Tim Biskup, Jeff Soto (interviewed), Bwana Spoons, Mari Inukai and the rest of the crowd held at Wonderhaus during Comic-Con 2009. The 48-minute documentary directed by Mark Murphy features a series of intriguing interviews with an amazing group of artists: Camille Rose Garcia, Jeff Soto, Joe Sorren, Kevin Christy, Martha Rich, The Clayton Brothers (studio visit) and Tim Biskup. It was great to get a personal look […]

Openings: Planet Illogica Launch Party – San Diego Comic-Con 2009

Ron English (studio visit) and 2esae and SKI of Destroy and Rebuild rocked downtown San Diego’s Wonderhaus with their live painting session during the launch party for Planet Illogica, a social networking website focused on the creative arts community. Utilizing the bodies of some gorgeous models as their canvases, Ron transformed his female subjects with his pop-surrealist touch while the boys from Destroy and Rebuild gave them a little NYC flavor, hitting their subjects with throw-ups and some sick designs. Complementing the fine and graffiti art were Cirque […]

Prototype: Jeff Soto’s “Seeker” Figure

Continuing our look at some prototypes for art toys during SDCC week, we now turn our attention to the “Seeker” figure from Jeff Soto (interviewed).  The figure appears to be based on some paintings from his recent Riverside Art Museum show and will be produced by Bigshot Toyworks, the same company producing Travis Louie’s “Uncle Six-Eyes.” Take a look at a video with Soto explaining the figure here, as well as look at some more pics of the protoype and source paintings after the jump.

Prototype: Travis Louie’s “Uncle Six-Eyes” Figure

With SDCC in full swing, we thought this would be a nice time to review some upcoming art toys from some of our favorite artists. First up is Travis Louie’s (interviewed) first toy, “Uncle Six Eyes,” soon to be released by Bigshot Toyworks. This figure was sculpted by Scott Wetterschneider and stands 8 inches tall. Take a look at some closer pics as well as the painting this figure is based off of after the jump….

Scott Musgrove Summer Online Show

Scott Musgrove is holding a summer online show with many of his works available at reasonable prices including paintings, drawings, and sculptures.  His dedicated cataloging, through his art, of yet to be discovered species from his imagination has always leaves us wanting more; to see what’s next. He will also be signing copies of his new book The Late Fauna of Early North America, at SDCC this year on July 24th with Last Gasp Publishers (booth #1616 – 4pm) and July 25th with Hi-Fructose (booth […]

Signings: San Diego Comic-Con 2009

AM’s got you covered for San Diego Comic-Con 2009, from the exclusives to pick up to the art-related events to attend after the floor shuts down. The final piece is of course the artist signings. Print out our list, grab a fresh sketch book, your favorite toy or whatever else you want signed and be at the booth at least a half hour before the signing is scheduled to begin. An overview of the various artist signings we’re excited about after the jump…

Releases: Exclusives at San Diego Comic-Con 2009

Now that you know about all the art-related events happening after the floor shuts down at Comic-Con 2009, AM takes a closer look at all the exclusive releases happening on the show floor (as well as one really close by). From vinyl art figures to book releases to some amazing skate decks, there is definitely something here for everyone. An overview of our favorite Comic-Con 2009 exclusive releases after the jump.

Highlights: Recommended Openings – San Diego Comic-Con 2009

San Diego Comic-Con 2009 officially kicks off this Wednesday and there’s no shortage of art related events happening after the convention center floor shuts down. From the premiere of Mark Murphy’s “Scribble.08″ art documentary and coinciding art exhibition (from which the James Jean (interviewed) piece seen above is from), to a live-painting event put on by our friends at Munky King and Hi-Fructose and much more, there’s no better way to relax after a long day of walking around at the Con. Get a full overview of […]

Releases: James Jean’s “Kindling” Book – San Diego Comic-Con

A limited number of advance copies of James Jean’s (interviewed) book featuring work from his NYC solo show will be released at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Published by Chronicle Books, “Kindling” presents 12 of James’ visual mix of abstract and illustrative works from the show, along with his detailed preliminary sketch for the work on the reverse side, printed in a removable large poster format. Check out the video above for a look through the book and read on for more after the jump…