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Releases: James Jean’s “Kindling” Book – San Diego Comic-Con

A limited number of advance copies of James Jean’s (interviewed) book featuring work from his NYC solo show will be released at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Published by Chronicle Books, “Kindling” presents 12 of James’ visual mix of abstract and illustrative works from the show, along with his detailed preliminary sketch for the work on the reverse side, printed in a removable large poster format. Check out the video above for a look through the book and read on for more after the jump…

Streets/Video: Know Hope

After his amazing debut Los Angeles solo show, Israeli street artist Know Hope made his way over to the Big Apple and worked a pretty sick street mural at the Hotel Chelsea that was commissioned by No Longer Empty. Luckily for us, all the action was caught on the time-lapse video above. Discuss Know Hope here.

Preview: “Celeritas” @ SURU

Motorcycle culture and fine art come together this Sunday, July 12 with “Celeritas,” a motorcycle culture themed art show for charity, opening at SURU in Los Angeles. The impressive lineup of artists will utilize elements from motorcycle culture as their canvases, including helmets, apparel and a 2009 Suzuki Hayabusa. All proceeds from the show will benefit Riders for Health, a non-profit that funds the transportation of medical personnel to remote communities in Africa. Participating artists include Alex Pardee, Audrey Kawasaki (interviewed), Barry McGee, Darren Romanelli, Estevan […]

FAME Festival: Lucy Mclauchlan

Lucy Mclauchlan made her mark on the town of Grottaglie with her art deco-like motifs as part of the FAME Festival, bringing out the cherry picker and scaffolding to throw up the massive mural seen above. Impressed by the ceramic pieces that Conor Harrington (interviewed) produced, Lucy joined in on the fun as well. See her distinctive ceramic works after the jump…

Preview/Setup: Stella Im Hultberg – “Memento Mori” @ Thinkspace Gallery

Stella Im Hultberg (interviewed) opens her solo show “Memento Mori” (previewed) at Thinkspace Gallery this Friday, July 10th. AM dropped by the gallery and caught Stella working on what’s shaping up to be an impressive mural and we were also lucky enough to get a sneak peek at the wide variety of work she produced for this show. There are impressive works on canvas which exhibit maturity in her technique, striking pieces on wood where Stella employed the use of graphite, acrylic, metallic pen and watercolor, a series of beautiful wood figures and of course, Stella’s tea-stained […]

Openings: “Park Life: The New Utopia” @ Subliminal Projects

This past Saturday, Subliminal Projects presented the second installment of their “Park Life” series. Curated by Studio Number One, this latest body of work revolves around the theme of “The New Utopia,” which presents each artists’ individual representations of a perfect society. Bringing together a wide variety of talents creating art with a diverse range of mediums, participating artists included Shepard Fairey, Amanda Fairey, Cleon Peterson, Ernesto Yerena, Marissa Textor, Date Farmers (seen above), Sage Vaughn, Maya Hayuk and many more. See all the photos […]

Preview/Setup: “Willoughby Windows” presented by Ad Hoc Art

Twelve different storefronts from 89 to 106 Willoughby Street in Brooklyn are being transformed by over fifteen artists as part of the “Willoughby Windows” project. Presented by Ad Hoc Art in conjunction with the MetroTech Business Improvement District, the exhibition showcases the beautification project in place to bring life to the twelve empty storefronts on this block. The unveiling of this effort kicks off with a block party on Friday, July 10 from 2-7 pm. Participating artists include Chris Stain, Ellis G. (streets), Gaia, Logan […]

Preview: EINE – “The A – Z of Change” @ Carmichael Gallery

We weren’t sure what to expect when we first got wind of EINE’s Los Angeles solo debut, “The A – Z of Change,” (teased) opening July 9th at Carmichael Gallery, but we are seriously impressed with what he’s delivered.  For this latest body of work on canvas, EINE used a combination of silkscreen and hand-spray techniques to create vibrant pieces containing powerful imagery of individuals standing up against the status quo, a message all too appropriate in today’s times given the unstable political climate in various countries around the globe. We can’t wait to see the entire […]

Preview: Gaia @ Ad Hoc Art

Fresh off the “Street/Studio” experience at Irvine Contemporary, Gaia is bringing a taste of the streets to Ad Hoc Art with the introduction of his outdoor installations inside the gallery for the opening of his two-person solo show with Imminent Disaster, opening tomorrow, June 26th at 7pm. For this latest body of work, Gaia continues his exploration of the complex relationship between between man and nature through a series of works on canvas featuring detailed depictions of his half-human, half-animal creatures. A sneak peek at some […]

Streets/Video: ABOVE – “Ears, Tears, & Fears”

ABOVE (interviewed) made a stop in Madrid, Spain as part of his current European tour. He made sure to give the locals a little love with some fresh street pieces that highlight his excellent placement skills and clever play on words. A video and detailed photos of both pieces after the jump.