Thinkspace Gallery’s current group show, “ModArt – A Celebration of 20 Issues and All That Lay Ahead,”  (previewed) curated by the team at European based ModArt Magazine opened to an excited Los Angeles crowd, but things really popped off when Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore and Soleil Moon Frye (who played Punky Brewster) dropped by the gallery to check out the work, specifically the front window installation by German street artist NOMAD.

Besides scoping out NOMAD’s humorous caveman-like drawings and installation pieces, the trio and the rest of the patrons got to see a nice mix of urban, low-brow and contemporary art from artists including Mr. Jago, El Gato Chimney, Faith 47, Jon Bugerman, Logan Hicks, Microbo, KuKula, SheOne, Tim Biskup, Will Barras and many others.

Check out all the photos from the opening after the jump.

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