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Video/Interviews: Luke Chueh – “Inferno” @ G1988 LA

For those who missed the opening last week of Luke Chueh’s “Inferno” show at Gallery 1988, here is a little video we put together for you to enjoy. We also had the chance to sit down with Luke for an interview regarding his thoughts behind this show among other things. All after the jump…

Openings: Luke Chueh – “Inferno” @ Gallery 1988

Luke Chueh (interviewed) “Inferno” opened last night in Los Angeles at Gallery 1988 to the delight of an expectant crowd who had gathered to see what Chueh had in store for them.  Those who had attended his last show at Corey Helford in March sensed hints of a slight change in direction from the creator of the iconic “Sad Bear.” Chueh delivered on multiple fronts with this body of work based on the first section (Inferno) of Dante Alighieri’s epic poem, the “Divine Comedy,” or commonly […]

Teaser: Luke Chueh – “Inferno” @ Gallery 1988 (LA)

How very appropriate it is for Luke Chueh (interviewed) to base his next show on Dante’s “Inferno” and the 9 rings of hell in the famous Italian poet’s masterpiece.  With much of his career body of work dealing with the physical and mental torture (albeit often comical) of his poor animals, it was not much of a jump to imagine them all in a personal hell that Luke has created for them. Luke sent us a picture of three of his large paintings for the […]