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Streets: RISK – Rock On The Range Festival

Earlier this month, RISK head out to Columbus, Ohio for the Rock On The Range festival, a project he collaborated on with Danny Wimmer Presents. With the goal to create the world’s largest interactive mural, he has so far attended two events (out of a planned ten) and has had the participation of over 15,000 people (with a goal of 100,000 people & a 10,000 sq. foot mural). The process starts with the Los Angeles graffiti legend laying down the foundation on the wall with his “beautifully destroyed” technique. Then […]

Openings: Shannon Bonatakis – “Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep” @ Rivet Gallery

Shannon Bonatakis is a painter living among the blissful fairy-tale forests of Denver, Colorado. When she is not climbing her favorite tree she is spending her days juggling various illustration projects, and her nights huddled over wet canvas (most likely painting by candle-light). Having been acquainted with Shannon’s brush work for many years now, we can comfortably say without question, this girl puts painstaking hours into refining each piece she pushes out. Her solo show, titled Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep is up at Rivet Gallery and […]