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Streets: Dennis McNett

While putting together the last minute preperations for tonight’s “Year Of The Wolfbat” show at Thinkspace Gallery, Dennis McNett got the urge to make his mark on the streets of Los Angeles. Out came the bucket and flour mixed with the right touch of water and he was off, wheatpaste posters in hand. Dennis was also kind enough to give away one of his posters to the first commenter on this post. More after the jump.

Preview/Setup: Dennis McNett – “Year Of The Wolfbat” @ Thinkspace Gallery

New York City’s Dennis McNett, who teaches printmaking at the Pratt Institute, is in Los Angeles to present “Year of the Wolfbat” at Thinkspace Gallery, a special two-day show opening tomorrow, Saturday, August 8th from 7-11PM. AM dropped by the gallery while the work was going up and got a good look at the complex imagery, insane animals and patterns that make up his work. Dennis is going all out for this show, taking over the entire gallery space and filling it with pieces presented […]

Preview/Setup: “Willoughby Windows” presented by Ad Hoc Art

Twelve different storefronts from 89 to 106 Willoughby Street in Brooklyn are being transformed by over fifteen artists as part of the “Willoughby Windows” project. Presented by Ad Hoc Art in conjunction with the MetroTech Business Improvement District, the exhibition showcases the beautification project in place to bring life to the twelve empty storefronts on this block. The unveiling of this effort kicks off with a block party on Friday, July 10 from 2-7 pm. Participating artists include Chris Stain, Ellis G. (streets), Gaia, Logan […]

Openings: Brooklyn Block Party @ Ad Hoc Gallery

The “Brooklyn Block Party” opened last Friday at Ad Hoc Art with a healthy lineup featuring C. Damage Elbowtoe, David Ellis, Gaia, Mike Houston, Imminent Disaster, Martin Mazorra, Dennis McNett, Richard Mock, Judith Supine, and Swoon.  The exhibition was an interesting change of pace for each artist as the show dictated they include hand cut blocks along with prints pulled from each block.  The theme of the show was executed nicely by all artists involved and really helped pull their diverse styles together into a […]